Friday, April 6, 2012

GUI Preview

Hey everyone, quick update here. I've been doing some work on the GUI (the little bar on the bottom and the draw button in the top left). Let me know what you think. Do you like it or think I sould change it? I was thinking about allowing the player to speed up or slow down the speed of the sheep if they need it. Questions and comments are welcome!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Alpha Gameplay video

Hey guys just a quick post here. I've gotten the game to a stable playable state! After my latest set of fixes/tweaks/new feature I figured I'd post up a quick game play video. The game is still basically in alpha stages but hopefully I can get a beta out soon and let you all play test it! All feedback is welcomed, so hit me! :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Some ASSets!

Hey guys and gals! Here is a quick post to show you some of the assets that have been made for the game.

We will start off with the barn. This is the start point of the sheep. The will spawn here, hungry and in search of food from the pasture!
Next up is the platform. The world is based off of these floating platforms. In the not so distant future the world will blow up and all that will be left is chunks of anti-gravity earth... shhh, let me dream!
Ah the tree - not much to say here. Cant have an anti-gravity, post-apocalyptic, hungry sheep simulator without trees to lead them in the right direction... right?
Other shtuff - A pasture, and thus final goal of the sheep. A boulder, to crush thy unworthy sheepies. Last but not least, hay bales. Only horses eat hay... and our sheep already ate all the horses so they aren't of much use...
Thats a wrap for the night. Tomorrow I will post a game-play video of what we have thus far.

Thanks for reading,
-Luke Pammant

Intro Post

Hello everyone! My name is Luke Pammant and I am the founder of Vital Signs Studios. In this blog you will be able to follow the Vital Signs Studios project, Sheep!, and find tutorials/other helpful posts and just generally see how everything is going.

I will start off introducing the team. The current line up for Sheep is:
Luke Pammant - Lead Artist and Lead Programmer
Colten Janssen - Lead Modeler/Animator for Sheep and Wolf
Johnny Lucero - Programmer

We are a closely knit team of friends based in Colorado with a passion for gaming. After discovering the Unity engine we sat down and started conceptualizing a game that would be fun and addicting for mobile phones. Thus we came up with the game Sheep!.

Sheep! is a platform puzzle game that allows the player full freedom to complete the various levels how ever they deem to be fit by the use of drawing platforms for the sheep to walk on. The goal is to get all of the sheep from the barn to the pasture so that they can eat to their hearts delight. Along the way they will be fronted with long falls, wolves, boulders and other various nuances that could be troublesome for the hungry sheep.

Please follow us and keep in touch! We love to hear from fans and friends.

Thanks for reading!
-Luke Pammant